蔚蓝的未来 Azure Future

Size : W400 x H900 cm

Material : Acrylic and spray paint on wall

Time : 2018  



借由这幅作品《蔚蓝的未来》,英杰希望能向当地的小孩传递与自然有关的认知以及获取知识需要一步一阶梯的理念。沿着壁画底部至顶端,山水里隐藏着若隐若现的蓝色,这抹蓝色代表着对未来的渴求。这股浩瀚无形的力量藏于山脉之中,告诫孩子们务必尊重自然。 在山脉浓雾里,隐藏着无数的阶梯从山底至山顶。通过这个画面元素,他希望告诉孩子们,在知识面前,我们必须一步一脚印,保持踏实进取的心态才能获得山顶的美好风景。 艺术是一种源于自然,发于心灵的表达过程,只要内心拥有爱,那份美好的期待,就会自然地流露到作品上。当升降机上升到作品的顶端,英杰完成这幅画的最后一笔时,回头看到大片的麦田,孩子们从地面上仰望着作品,脸上露出天真无邪的笑容,那一刻他深切感受到了艺术的真正价值。



Through this work "Blue Future", Yingjie hopes to convey the cognition related to nature and the idea that knowledge needs to be acquired step by step to local children. From the bottom to the top of the mural, blue is hidden in the landscape, which represents the desire for future. This vast invisible force is hidden in the mountains, telling these children to respect nature. There are numerous steps hidden in the mist from the bottom to the top of the mountains. Through this element, he hopes to tell those children that we must obtain knowledge step by step. Only when we study with a steadfast and enterprising attitude can we enjoy the beautiful scenery at the peak. Art is an expression that originates from nature and heart. As long as there is love in my heart, the beautiful expectation will be naturally shown in the works. When the lift rose to the top and he finished the mural, Yingjie looked back at the wheat fields and saw the children looking up at the work from the ground. He felt the real value of art when he saw innocent smiles on their face.

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