龙游四季走天下 The Almighty Dragon

Size : W40 x H3.3 m

Material : Acrylic and spray paint on wall

Time : 2015



作品里以中国传统水墨文化融合西方街头艺术表现“龙游四季走天下”情景,其画面四色调代表“春” “夏” “秋” “冬”四季,一条水墨长龙贯穿其中,寓意全球华人游走在世界的每一个地方,艰辛创业,从冬天一步步走向春天。



In this work, a Chinese traditional ink brush painting cultural integration of Western street art was performed and exhibited in the theme of "This Dragon travels throughout the Seasons and walks into every corner of the world". The scenario defines in four-color, works on behalf of four seasons, "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter". A long line of ink draws through them, meaning Chinese are global. They are every place in the world and work extremely hard in every step to success from Winter to Spring.

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