轮回 Reincarnation

Material : Spray paint on wall

Time : 2016  



创作这件作品受到博物馆庭院设计的启发。檀香山艺术博物馆由欧洲庭院与亚洲庭院组成,这种非常有意思的建筑布局形成了中西文化的融汇与对碰,无论是外观,还是展示在博物馆里面的艺术品都似乎形成了一种太极的理念。这种艺术的表现再一次刺激英杰在博物馆的中央庭院墙壁上创作自然山水的题材。 英杰用书法式的笔划表现中国山水的阴阳景观,通过这些连绵起伏的点线讲述着中央庭院女像雕塑背后的情绪和故事,一点一线的情感连接着这两种地域的文化差异。当你站在远处欣赏这件作品的时候,壁画上的山水画作像跳动的音乐旋律和天使的翅膀,呼应在雕塑的后背时形成了新的画面景象。



The work was inspired by the design of the museum. The Honolulu Museum of Art is made up of European courtyard and Asian courtyard. The integration and collision of Chinese and Western cultures are formed in this very interesting architectural layout. Both the appearance and the artworks seem to express the concept of Tai Chi. Such artistic expression inspired him to create a work about natural landscape on the wall of the Central Courtyard. Yingjie used calligraphy-style way to express Yin and Yang in Chinese landscape. Through the rolling points and lines, you may feel the emotions and stories behind the female statue in the Central Courtyard. These emotions connected to the cultural differences of two countries. When you appreciate the work from a distance, a new scene appears with the melody on the wall and it seems to be the wings of the angel.

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