佛山醒狮在台北 Lion Dance in Taipei

Material : Acrylic and spray paint on mural

Time : 2014  






Yingjie created this work from the dancing lion culture in Foshan, his hometown, and combined with the landscape of Taichi and seal. He wanted to reinterpret traditional dancing lion culture by using techniques in western graffiti art. The 8-days creation in Taipei was a total release for him. He treated the city as a canvas, and then painted freely on it. Every time the lift raised him from the ground to the top of the building, he overlooked people come and go below, and some of them stopped to watch the work. These memories make him feel completely satisfied. Yingjie tried to use murals to reinterpret traditional culture in a new city, and also to have a silent dialogue with the city.

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