醉虎图 Drunk Tiger

Size : W469 x H262 cm

Material : Acrylic on canvas

Time : 2015  



这幅咆哮的《醉虎图》,前后一共花费了差不多一个月的时间。从一开始混沌、游离的状态,到作品完成时内心的坚定,英杰就像经历了一次充满不确定性的冒险,他让直觉指引方向,跟随内心的节奏下笔。这只迈向前方的老虎,就像是一个喝醉酒的拳击手,使出每一拳都毫不费力,实际充满力量,一击即中。对他来说,这次创作过程非常有趣。从室内到室外,他创作的状态、灵感、手法和风格都发生了细微的变化。英杰将画布从50平米的室内空间转移到3000多平方米的厂房后,扩大的空间让他可以毫无拘束地将自己的创作技巧和状态淋漓尽致地展现出来。 他认为,所有的事物都不需要百分之一百的准确,对于一些难以捉摸的概念,用抽象的方式来完成可能有更加出奇不意的效果。创作,无论是手法还是形态,都没有标准的流程,只有不断覆盖自己的创作,让笔触与情绪不断重叠,才有可能达到更多意想不到的画面。



It took Yingjie about one month to finish the "Drunk Tiger". In the beginning, he was in a chaotic and dissociative state, as time went on, he became determined. For him, it just like experienced an adventure full of uncertainty. Intuition guided him and he followed the rhythm of heart. The tiger is like a drunken boxer who punches optionally but with real power. It was a very interesting process for him. From indoor studio to outdoor plant, the state, inspiration, technique and style of his creation had all changed slightly. After Yingjie moved the canvas from the studio of 50 square meters to the plant of more than 3,000 square meters, his techniques and state of creating were shown without any constraint. He doesn’t think anything needs to be 100% accurate. For some elusive concepts, expressing it in an abstract way may be even more surprising. Creating, no matter in which kind of technique or form, has no standard. Only by constantly overturning one's own creation and combining it with emotions, can more unexpected work be created.

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