豹姿魅影 Panthere De Cartier

Size : W1200 x H600 cm

Material : Acrylic and spray paint on wall

Time : 2017  



整幅作品中共耗时三天完成,透过猎豹呈现了摩登女性的自由与独立精神。在创作中,猎豹眼睛的刻画最具挑战性,猎豹的眼神需要表达出强大进取的精神亦不失女性的柔情,这种野性与柔情之间的平衡成为了这幅画的关键。 英杰表示,即使作品画面是静止的,但是透过笔触的堆叠,色彩的明暗变化,观众能感受到作品的灵动,仿佛这只猎豹坐在空旷的非洲草原上,身上的皮毛随风而动,洒脱而从容。他在线条上大量结合中国工笔和书法运笔进行细节的刻画,这种微妙的细节能让猎豹的身体结构看起来更加灵动轻盈。 每一次往作品上泼洒颜料的时候,就如同为猎豹注入了自由的血液。这种不断重组不断打破的表达手法形成了最终的画面。



It took him three days to complete the work. Through the panthere, we can see the free and independent spirit of modern women. He thought the depiction of eyes is the most challenging. The eyes of panthere need to express the strong and enterprising spirit as well as feminine tenderness. Such balance between wildness and tenderness was the key of this work. Yingjie said that though the work is still, through the stack of brush strokes and the changes of colors, the viewers can feel the artistic conception of the work, as if the free panthere is sitting on the open African savannah. He added a lot of details on the lines with the combination of Chinese fine brushwork and calligraphy, which can make the panthere look more flexible. Every time he splashed paint on the work, it was like injecting the panthere with freedom. The final work was formed in a special way, which was constantly broken and recreated.

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