阿拉伯猎鹰 Arabian Falcon

Material : Acrylic and spray paint on wall

Time : 2016



英杰喜欢鹰的自由、专注和雷厉风行的速度,并希望能通过这种方式,将鹰即将展翅高飞的架势和凌厉的目光淋漓尽致地展现出来。 本次创作一共花费了20天,并最终将作品命名为“阿拉伯猎鹰”。创作结束后,英杰还和当地的朋友一起前往沙漠训练猎鹰,观察猎鹰,并进行现场即兴创作。对于这段经历,他感叹道:“脱离闹市繁华,拿着速写本行走在柔软细腻的沙漠上,我享受笔尖上的移动,享受这种返璞归真的感觉。近距离的接触也激发了我对作品创作的灵感,以及对自由精神的领悟。”



Yingjie likes the freedom, concentration and speed of falcons. He hopes that through this way, the heroic posture and sharp vision of the falcon can be shown vividly. It took 20 days to finish the work, which was eventually named "Arabian Falcon". After the creation, Yingjie also went to the desert with local friends to train falcons, observe falcons and sketch falcons. For this experience, he said: "It was a great chance to get out of the bustling city and walk on the soft desert with my sketch book. I enjoy the course of creation and the feeling of returning to original nature. The close contact with falcon also inspired me to create more works and to further understand the spirit of freedom."

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