一脉 Inheritance

Size : W547 x H304 cm

Material : Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Time : 2016  







“Inheritance” is not only Yingjie’s landmark work, but also a work of great significance. Since 2011, he has been exploring how to combine traditional Chinese ink painting with Western street art graffiti and strive to find a balance between the two contradictory and antagonistic cultures. He would like to break away from cultural constraints, build a bridge between two cultures and create his own artistic language. It took him four days to finish this work in the studio of Central Academy of Fine Arts. A month before this exhibition, in his studio in Foshan, Guangdong province, he began to refer and imitate works of traditional Chinese ink painters, including Wu Guanzhong and Chang Dai-Chien. After comprehending the secret, Yingjie decided to overturn the techniques of predecessors and interpret traditional Chinese ink painting in a new way on the basis of the essence of Chinese culture.

From Chen Yingjie perspective, this work is like a movie, different people will have different understanding of it. Westerners may appreciate the charm of Chinese ink painting, while easterners can see the traces of Western street art graffiti. Speaking of the process of creation, Chen Yingjie felt that he had poured all his energy into the painting. Every movement of his body and every spraying seemed to exhaust him. Constantly moving his body, he wanted to bring a different visual feast to viewers.

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