卡西欧G-SHOCK x陈英杰“Formless”太极款联名合作



与CASIO G-shock系列的合作项目从2018年开始启动,经过了两年的打磨,“Formless 太极”联名款手表于2020年面世。














The collaboration with CASIO G-Shock was launched in 2018, and after two years of polishing, the Formless Tai Chi co-branded watch was released in 2020.


The creation of this series of watches is inspired by the idea in the traditional Chinese philosophy "Zhouyi" -- "Yi has Tai Chi, is the birth of two instruments".Kong Yingda explained this way: Taiji that before the division of heaven and earth, the vitality mixed into one, that is, the beginning, too one also.That is, tai Yi at first changed into heaven and earth, Yin and Yang, and then Yin and Yang changed into four images.The artist shows his understanding and interpretation of universe in the painting, exploring the connection between time and the universe.At the same time, the artist combined the idea of Zhouyi with traditional ink and wash painting, and expressed the passage of time in the changeability of Yin and Yang concretly through the brush.


The decorative elements of this series of watches come from the "time" series, such as Tai Chi Planet and Tai Chi Stream of Consciousness.


"Tai Chi Planet creates a subtle relationship between tai Chi reincarnation and time and the universe through modern ink strokes.The 12 circular strokes represent the 12 scales in the time system, symbolizing the 12 cycles of Tai Chi in motion.The strokes flow, pause, and turn, like the ticking of an old wall clock.


The artist interprets the constitutive relations of Tai Chi, time and universe through the form of abstract painting.Twelve small circles, like the time scale of Tai Chi, are also vaguely visible to form a large circle, just like the motion of stars in the universe, and also like the motion of the hour hand in a clock.The final stroke at the bottom of the work is composed of 12 consecutive semicircles, silently feeling the flow of time like clues and telling the mysteries of the chaotic operation of Tai Chi.In addition, the elements of Tai Chi Stream of Consciousness, A Brushstroke Circle and other works are correspondingly applied in the decoration of watches."


"The 'Time' series expresses the Chinese concept of Tai Chi and the cycle of time. By removing the complicated painting form, the artist visualizes the empty and real time on paper and canvas with the brush strokes of ’dots, lines and planes‘. The Chinese symbol of the Yin and Yang cycle of Tai Chi connects the past, the present and the future, explaining the true meaning of the never-ending but daily cycle of time."

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