阿迪达斯“集结原创” Adidas“Original Superstar”

2015年8月,英杰再次受到Adidas邀请,与陈奕迅以及VJ Mian,李天伦两位艺术家一起,为品牌“Original Superstar”系列活动拍摄宣传片,并绘制作品《冲破荆棘》。


In August 2015, Yingjie was invited by Adidas to shoot a promotional video for the "Original Superstar" project, together with Eason Chan and two artists, VJ Mian and Li. He also painted the work “Through the Thorns” for this project.
This work mainly wants to express a kind of original spirit that breaks with tradition. He thinks that at the beginning of being original, there will always be a lot of different comments, even criticism and satire. This is when we should shut out the outside world and follow our hearts. Only in this way can we bring forth greater ideas. Just like this black lion, which is calm, focused and not affected by any external factors, will go through the jungle full of thorns and become a "Superstar" in forests.

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