宝马“反其道而行之” BMW “Reversal”

2018年6月,受宝马公司邀请,英杰在上海BMW驻地参与了BMW X2 PLAYGROUND新品发布的广告片拍摄,并现场完成作品《反其道而行之》。这幅作品随后于品牌在北京的金色快闪派对上展出。


In June 2018, at the invitation of BMW, Yingjie participated in the advertising shooting of BMW X2 PLAYGROUND in Shanghai and created the work "Reversal" on the spot. The work was later exhibited at the “Unlearn Everything” party of BMW in Beijing.
“Reversal” means “reverse thinking”. He hopes to express his creative philosophy between Chinese ink painting and the spirit of Western street, and continues to pursue the unique artistic style “Chinese Graffiti”. The spirit of "reversal" is not rebellion, but to seek innovation and breakthrough, to achieve the goal and ideal with a “reverse” way.

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