上海大众“New Polo” Shanghai Volkswagen“New Polo”

2014年,受上海大众邀请,英杰在New Polo系列新车发布现场创作壁画作品《黄金猎豹》。本次创作是大型互动创作,300名现场观众先将颜料球砸到一个放置画布的独立空间,再由他在充满各种颜色的画布上进行勾勒,最终,一只凶猛的猎豹被呈现出来。

In 2014, invited by Shanghai Volkswagen,Yingjie painted the mural "Golden Cheetah" at the listed party of New Polo. This work is a large-scale interactive creation. 300 viewers first throwed the paint ball on an independent space where the canvas was placed in advance, and then he painted on the canvas full of various colors. Finally, a fierce cheetah was presented.
Such interactive creation can not only narrow the distance between people, but also express their enthusiasm for life and release pressure through throwing. Each paint ball contributed to the color of the work. All the paint flowed freely on the canvas with the action of viewers, and the canvas was changed from blank to colorful one. By covering and mixing different colors, he spent two hours in completing the "Golden Cheetah", which aims to show the wildness of cheetah and the passion of young people to pursue their dreams.

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