Mophie联名合作 Co-branded Product with Mophie



At the beginning of 2017, Mophie invited Yingjie to Los Angeles to paint a work and jointly launch the power bank of Chinese New Year limited edition. The products are limited to 2500 and their appearance is the cockscomb of the rooster in the work “Dawn”.
The work is named “Dawn” and its theme is rooster. The rooster has always been a symbol of punctuality and diligence in traditional Chinese culture. Through this work, he hopes to awaken people and convey the idea of working hard, breaking through the darkness and welcoming the dawn. The tail of rooster forms a circle after circle, symbolizing the daily cycle, but its eyes look straight ahead, as if it can see the future. Although day and night are changing continually, every morning means a new start. As for the way of creating, he still combined Chinese elements with Western characteristics and used a lot of calligraphic techniques, extending from the canvas to the wall and making the work look more spiritual and spatial.

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