天猫“以国为潮” Tmall “China Style”


In June 2018, invited by Tmall, Yingjie created a large-scale canvas work "Reconstruct Universe" and participated in advertising shooting for the "China Style" project in the "618 Shopping Carnival". "China Style" is a special project launched by Tmall in response to the hot sales and widespread influence of Chinese-style products, aiming to inspire the cultural identity among young people.
Choosing lion dance as the theme, it is not only because of its unique cultural connotation, but also because it has become a world-class cultural symbol like Chinese loong. There are lion dances in Chinatown all around the world in every festival. Lion dance just like a bond, closely unite the whole world and express the special national complex. In this work, red represent China and yellow represent the rest of the world. Through such combination, he hopes to show the renaissance of Chinese style and the exchange between different cultures.

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