虎牌啤酒“释放心中虎” Tiger Beer “Uncage the Tiger”


In 2017, invited by Tiger Beer, Yingjie participated in the project “Uncage the Tiger”. He not only painted a 3-meter-high, 5-meter-wide large canvas work, but also appeared in the shooting of the micro film "Uncage the Tiger". The micro film, which gathered a group of up-and-coming dancers, musicians, painters and technophiles, was shot at Prague's famous art gallery and museum. It aimed to promote their beliefs that anybody can be a somebody. That we all have a tiger inside and hidden potential.
A week before the event, Yingjie went to an old railway station in the Czech to build a temporary studio and spent three days making the "Roar Collective" as the background of the micro film. He tried to interpret the spirit of roar collective on the canvas in one go, from the splashing to the description of details. This chaotic and well-organized form of expression is the key of this work.

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