虎牌啤酒“虎聚啸山林” Tiger Beer “Tiger Roar Collective”

2018年11月,英杰再受虎牌啤酒邀请,在韩国首尔完成了画布作品《虎啸山林》。继2014年第一次在泰国合作,这已经是双方第四次合作。每一次他们都会进行不同领域的跨界,而这一次活动在首尔的三岛(佳岛)举行,这是一个通常承办知名度较高的传统艺术和表演活动的综合性文化艺术中心。这些都为他的创作带来了很多全新的尝试。本次活动主要是为了正式推出“虎聚啸山林”平台,让非传统艺术家可以通过相互合作寻求新的机会。活动现场,来自舞蹈、科技、时尚艺术和美食等不同领域的 16 位非传统艺术家齐聚一堂,共同向全世界呈现了一场充满创意、激情和无限可能的精彩表演。


In November 2018, at the invitation of Tiger Beer, Yingjie painted the canvas work “Tiger Roar” in Seoul, South Korea. This was the fourth time they cooperated with each other since their first cooperation in Thailand in 2014. Each time they carried out crossover of different fields and this event was held at Seoul's Sebitseom (Gavit island), a culture complex usually reserved for the famous and more conventional arts and performances. All of these brought a lot of new attempts for his creation. This event was to launch a global community for unconventional talent called the Tiger Roar Collective, where raw talents can seek out new opportunities through collaborations. It brought together 16 of the raw Tiger talents from diverse fields such as dance, technology, fashion, art and food. Together, they put on a tantalizing showcase of creativity, passion and unexpected possibilities for the world to see.
“Tiger Roar” shows a tiger roaring in the forest. The work was finished in three and a half hours in one go, trying to interpret a momentary sense of painting in the quickest and most visual way. The brushwork is special, combining a variety of creating methods, such as spray paint, brushes and special fluorescent pigments. The marks left by the high-speed rotating brush and paint splashing made the unique aura of this work. Because of the fluorescent pigments, the work glowed at night , which was like a tiger at night showing its power to the outside world.


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