宜家艺术活动 IKEA Art Event

2015年,受宜家邀请,英杰参加了首届“宜家艺术活动”,并创作了作品《鹰击长空》。本次活动以街头艺术为主题,旨在以不同的绘画风格和表现手法,激发人们对日常生活的热爱。活动共邀请了14名世界各地的艺术家,包括美国的Elle和John Matos,瑞典的Carolina Falkholt,西班牙的Nuria Mora,法国的Koralie和Supakitch,塞尔维亚的Nikola和Ivan Gajic,,荷兰的Jeroen Erosie,巴西的Hamilton Yokota,瑞士的Christian Rebecchi和Pablo Togni,印度的EKO NUGROHO,波兰的Mariusz Waras和英杰。他们的作品被BEAM INC投影在比利时的14个地方,供公众欣赏。
《鹰击长空》 作品的画面刻画了一只冲向天空的多彩猎鹰。在这件作品里猎鹰就像刚刚踏入社会的年轻人,带着梦想坚定地冲破困境,即便不断失败依然获得重生。


In 2015, invited by IKEA, Yingjie participated in the first IKEA Art Event and created the work “Soaring Falcon”. Taking street art as the theme, this event aims to inspire people's love for daily life with different painting styles and techniques. A total of 14 artists from around the world were invited, including Elle and John Matos from the United States, Carolina Falkholt from Sweden, Nuria Mora from Spain, Koralie and Supakitch from France, Nikola and Ivan Gajic from Serbia, Jeroen Erosie from the Netherlands, Hamilton Yokota from Brazil, Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni from Switzerl, EKO NUGROHO from India, Mariusz Waras from Poland, and Yingjie. Their work was projected by BEAM INC in 14 places in Belgium for the public to enjoy.
The work "Soaring Falcon" depicts a colorful falcon soaring to the sky. In this work, the falcon is like a young man who has just come upon the stage, breaking through difficulties with the determination of dreams and reborning despite continuous failures.

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