阿迪达斯“集结原创” Adidas“Unite All Originals”

2013上半年,Adidas Originals以原创精神为灵感,发起“集结原创”全球活动,力邀全国四大城市八组不同艺术家进行跨界合作。数字、音乐、动画,各种街头先锋艺术家通过互相碰撞灵感,分享各自的创作想法,并在互相影响下把想法推向极致,创作出全新而独特的艺术形式及作品。作为受邀的八名本土艺术家之一,英杰和新媒体创艺家王萌共同创造了一个超越2D与3D温暖的臆想世界。创作时,王萌更多的是通过数码艺术手法来演绎他新的概念,而英杰则是用涂鸦的方式诠释中国自然山水画,以这种即兴的形式进行跨界的“化学实验”。

In the first half of 2013, Adidas Originals, inspired by originality, launched a global project "Unite All Originals". They invite eight groups of different kinds of artists from four cities across the country to have cross-boundary collaboration. Digital, music, animation, a variety of street avant-garde artists shared their creative ideas through the collision of inspiration and inspire each other to create new and unique art forms and works. As one of the eight local artists invited, Yingjie created a warm imaginary world beyond 2D and 3D with Wang Meng, a new media artist. Wang mainly interpreted his new ideas through digital means of artistic expression, while Yingjie interpreted Chinese natural landscape painting through graffiti, and conducted a cross-boundary "chemical experiments" in this freestyle form.


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