立邦“为爱上色” Nippon "Color, way of love"



In May 2018, at the invitation of Nippon "Color, way of love" project, Yingjie went to Guanting Huaqiao primary school in Damujia town, Gaomi, Shandong province to create a large-scale mural.
Through this work "Blue Future", He hope to convey the cognition related to nature and the idea that knowledge needs to be acquired step by step to local children. From the bottom to the top of the mural, we can see the hidden blue in the landscape, which represents the desire for future. This vast invisible force is hidden in the mountains, telling these children to respect nature.
There are numerous steps hidden in the mist from the bottom to the top of the mountains. Through this element, he hopes to tell these children that we must obtain knowledge step by step. Only when we study with a steadfast and enterprising attitude can we enjoy the beautiful scenery at the peak.
Art is an expression that originates from nature and heart. As long as there is love in my heart, the beautiful expectation will be naturally shown in the works. When the lift rose to the top and he finished the mural, Yingjie looked back at the wheat fields and saw the children looking up at the work from the ground. He felt the real value of art when he saw innocent smiles on their face.

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