大众汽车“型在创造” Volkswagen “Inspiration in Creation”


2019年年末,大众汽车邀请广东五位本土艺术家跨界合作,在广深两地打造了主题为“型在创造”的艺术展。本次活动旨在挣脱行业束缚,探索艺术的更多可能。展览分为「型在璀璨、型在澎湃、型在探索、型在热烈、型在生动」五大主题。英杰通过他特有的方式,向群众阐释了“型在热烈”这一主题。 提到与大众汽车的合作,他显得很兴奋,“每次画车都很开心,在这个立体的画布面前以游动的方式创作,以不同的角度切入,毫无保留地把对驾驶的感受通过绘画表现出来,这是自由的倒影,烙印了速度的痕迹。”至于这次为什么会选择游龙和自然山脉作为创作元素,他认为,中国的龙象征着无限的力量,热情与激进的态度,让其游走在火红色的山脉上,可以展现出一股强烈的生命力量,以及无所畏惧的神态,这也与“途岳”汽车想表达的理念相契合。一直以来,他都希望能通过绘画的方式,打破中西艺术的界限,用自由不羁的创作,释放内心的热烈。画布就是他表达自己的途径,他希望观众可以通过作品,感受到他心中正在燃烧的那团烈火。



At the end of 2019, Volkswagen cooperated with five local artists from Guangdong province. They held an art exhibition named "Inspiration in Creation" both in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The exhibition aimed to combine different industries and explore more possibilities of art. It is divided into five themes: "Inspiration in Brightness, Inspiration in Surging, Inspiration in Exploration, Inspiration in Fervency and Inspiration in vividness". Yingjie explained "Inspiration in Fervency " to audience through his own way. Spoke of the cooperation with Volkswagen, he was very excited. "Each time I paint on a car, I am very happy. In front of such 3d canvas, I can create in a new way and from different perspectives, which enable me to express my feeling of driving without any reservation. In my opinion, it is the reflection of freedom and the symbol of speed." As for why choose flying loong and natural mountains as creative elements, he thought that loong is a symbol of omnipotence, enthusiasm and positive attitude. What’s more, a flying loong above red mountains can show a strong power of life and the fearless spirit, which is also the philosophy of Tharu (A kind of SUV owned by Volkswagen). All the time, he hopes that he can break the boundary between Chinese art and Western art through painting, and release the enthusiasm inside his body through free and uninhibited creation. The canvas is the unique way of expressing himself, and he wanted audience to feel the fire in his heart through the work.

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