卡地亚 “豹姿魅影” Panthere De Cartier


Cartier launched its iconic watch “Panthere De Cartier” for the first time in China in May 2017. Yingjie was invited to participate in the "Panthere De Cartier" micro film shooting, and painted a piece of about 6 meters high, 12 meters wide giant mural. It took him three days to complete the work. Through the panthere, we can see the free and independent spirit of modern women. He thought the depiction of eyes is the most challenging. The eyes of panthere need to express the strong and enterprising spirit as well as feminine tenderness. Such balance between wildness and tenderness was the key of this work.
Yingjie said that though the work is still, through the stack of brush strokes and the changes of colors, the viewers can feel the artistic conception of the work, as if the free panthere is sitting on the open African savannah. He added a lot of details on the lines with the combination of Chinese fine brushwork and calligraphy, which can make the panthere look more flexible.
Every time he splashed paint on the work, it was like injecting the panthere with freedom. The final work was formed in a special way, which was constantly broken and recreated. As the director of this micro film Ou said, "Modern Chinese women are soft outside but strong and enterprising inside. There is contradiction in their blood. It is this complex personality that makes them real and charming.

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