迪拜“街头艺术博物馆”项目 Dubai "Street Art Museum" Project







The "Street Art Museum" is an urban construction project specially approved by the chief of Dubai. Graffiti artists of different genres from all over the world come here to express their understanding of art. In 2016, Yingjie was invited by the government of Dubai to make a graffiti on a wall in Diyafah Street. Then he had his own works in the "Street Art Museum".

As for why he chose a falcon, it is not only because the falcon is a totem of UAS, which is regarded as the symbol of power, wealth and status, but also because of his love for it. He likes the freedom, concentration and speed of falcons, and he hopes that through this way, the heroic posture and sharp vision of the falcon can be shown vividly.

It took 20 days to finish the work, which was eventually named "Arabian Falcon". After the creation, he also went to the desert with local friends to train falcons, observe falcons and sketch falcons. For this experience, he said: "It was a great chance to get out of the bustling city and walk on the soft desert with my sketch book. I enjoy the course of creation and the feeling of returning to original nature. The close contact with falcon also inspired me to create more works and to further understand the spirit of freedom."

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