《无形之象,无所不形》· 唐妮诗画廊 · 上海 / Shaping the Essence · Danysz gallery · Shanghai

Dates: 9 Jun 2018 -20 Aug 2018

Location: 256 Beijing East Road,Danysz Gallery,Shanghai.

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From Jun. 9 to Aug. 20, 2019, Yingjie held his solo show” Shaping the Essence” in Danysz Gallery in Shanghai. He hope that such exhibition can encourage more people to understand Chinese traditional cultures and also arouse people’s curiosity for Western graffiti. The theme of exhibition comes from his understanding of Western graffiti. Western graffiti is a flowing and random art style, which is similar with our theme. Using this kind of Western art style, we can better display the Eastern ideology in Chinese traditional ink painting and paint the natural landscape. Such way also reveals the relationship between natural landscape and human consciousness.



万象高楼拔地起 Rising Skyscraper,2018,W100 x H60 cm,Acrylic on canvas,Photo by 金洁.



Photo by 金洁.



大地语言 Language of the Earth,2018,W270 x H200 cm,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas,Photo by 金洁.





Live painting

In order to communicate with audiences more directly, Yingjie presented live painting in the opening ceremony. He transform the gallery into studio, and created the work” The Language of the Earth”. His own personal experiences and reflections on the nature was put in this work. With the development of the city and industry, our nature are getting worse. Through the work, he hope to draw public attentions to the environmental problems.



(左)自然烙印 Nature Stigma,2018,W150 x H200 cm,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas;(右)凝固的时间 Frozen Time,2018,W220 x H180 cm,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas;Photo by 金洁.



(局部)凝固的时间 Frozen Time,2018,W220 x H180 cm,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas,Photo by 金洁.





The element “water”
The element “water” was affected by Bruce Lee. Lee thought the best example to describe Kungfu is a glass water, which looks weak actually strong. While Chen Yingjie hope his creation can be flexible like water, and have an invisible power. Spirit of freedom and artistic creation are inseparable concepts.



意识流 Stream of consciousness,2018,W230 x H120 cm,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas,Photo by 金洁.





The element “Qi”
Dynamic and invisible “Qi” is the breath of life and the power of nature.



(左)无止境 Endless,2018,W70 x H70 cm,Acrylic on canvas;(右)始终 Beginning to end,2018,W70 x H70 cm,Acrylic on canvas;Photo by 金洁.



Photo by 金洁.







Time is the eternal theme of artistic creation. Circle means the whirligig of time. A round clock strikes 24 times indicates the end of the day. Everyday has same 24 hours, but it circulates constantly and endlessly.


“The beauty of deficiency”
People are always in the pursuit of perfection, but sometimes deficiency is a kind of beauty. The thought of perfectionism often will make a person annoyed and also involve in a insatiable state. Before starting the preparation for this solo show, a brush of breaking a circle by accident, led Yingjie to understand that deficiency also has beauty. Round and flow can exist at the same time. A breach can be a part of perfect.



始终 Beginning to end,2018,W70 x H70 cm,Acrylic on canvas,Photo by 金洁.





“Tai Ji Theory”
“Tai Ji Theory”, Yin and Yang, black and white. During the integration of Eastern and Western culture, Chinese ink painting and Western street art just like Yin and Yang in Tai Ji Theory. Chan are trying to find the best balance between them.



Photo by 金洁.




Finally, no matter how the external environment changes, Yingjie hopes to keep inner pure love and passion for painting. Then he puts authentic self-awareness and reflections on social and nature on his artworks to let viewers find authentic themselves through his work.

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