《复苏》· 唐妮诗画廊 · 上海 / Revival · Danysz gallery · Shanghai

Dates: 17 Jul 2021 - 4 Sep 2021

Location: 256 Beijing East Road,Danysz gallery - Shanghai.

展览海报 / Poster






“The global slowdown in human’s activities triggered a mild recovery, a form of revival for the environment. I hope to explore the subtle relationship between pandemics and nature through Gravity Series.”

——Chen Yingjie



自然重力系列/Gravity Series




REVIVAL is based on Chen Yingjie's rethinking of the relationship between human and nature during the outbreak of COVID-19, taking Gravity Series as a theme and combining traditional Chinese landscapes and western street graffiti. Viewers will explore the fantastic atmosphere on the canvas to experience Chen Yingjie's creativity by taking the anti-gravity rocket of the integration of East-West culture.



展览现场/Exhibition Area 




16 landscape paintings exhibited in REVIVAL were all created during the pandemics, and now that the COVID-19 affects our life, the artist's anti-gravity landscape painting will temporarily take us out of the constraints of gravity.



(左/Left)⾃然重⼒ 48 Gravity XLVIII,2021,W80 x H140 x D5cm,Acrylic and mixed media on canvas;(右/Right)⾃然重⼒ 56 Gravity LVI、⾃然重⼒ 54 Gravity LIV,2021,W35 x H90 x D5cm,Acrylic and Mixed media on canvas




Artists creatively simulated the zero-gravity state of outer space, constantly rotated the canvas to create a weightless field so that the pigments could flow freely on the canvas. He explored the interaction between artist's dominant position and the chemical reaction of 
uncontrollability while creating and self-production of art.



⾃然重⼒ 20 Gravity XX,2020,W90 x H110 x D5.2cm,Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


(局部/Part)⾃然重⼒ 34 Gravity XXXIV,2021,W137 x H147 x D5cm,Acrylic and mixed media on canvas




Abundant fluorescent colors were added in Gravity Series to integrate the symbol of modern industry’s context into natural mountains of tropical rainforest.



(局部/Part)⾃然重⼒ 51 Gravity LI,2021, W150 x H200 x D5cm,Acrylic and mixed media on canvas



The artist is committed to presenting the magnificence and incredible beauty of nature to reveal the contradiction and conflicts between human and nature. Viewers can perceive the gravity abstractly, the paintings present reproduction of bacteria, waterfalls, sunsets, sands and Milky Way.The rocks and mountains are stacked together, and the slender lines connect forests. Among the ravines, swallows are passing by. The interactions and coexistence among all things of nature is deconstructed again.



自然重力 40 Gravity XL,2020,W90 x H110 x D5.2cm, Acrylic and spray paint and Mixed media on canvas




Swallows passing by the mountains and rocks, and the slender lines connecting forests, the interaction among all things of nature is deconstructed again.

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