比利时 · 马泽尔画廊 · 《自然平衡》 / Mazel Galerie· Brussels · The Balance of Nature

Dates: 17 April 2020 - 25 July 2020

Location: Rue Capitaine Crespel 22, 1050 Brussels

简介: 比利时《自然平衡》个展是一次艺术与自然的对话、是对自然与人类关系的一次反思。此展览涵盖了山水、动物等系列作品。艺术家将自身在生活、旅行中对自然的感悟以及自然之于人类的磁场、馈赠反映在画面当中,以引起对当今全球气候突变、自然灾难横生的现状的重视与思考。




"Nature Balance" tells the story of the nature healing and repairing itself. When human beings overexploit and abuse natural resources, nature will respond to human beings in its own way, it also will adjust itself through a series of changes. The artist tries to express the self-healing image of nature, which is between imbalance and balance. Nature's self-balance is very similar to the ancient Chinese philosophy of "Tai Chi", which finds a balance between Yin and Yang, motion and tranquility. The diffusion of paint and the penetration of ink in the picture show the nature's landscape, the blend of rocks and mountains, as well as the impact of waves, and the collision between pigments and colors is the confrontation of various forces in nature.


Introduction: The Belgian solo exhibition "Nature Balance" is a dialogue between art and nature and a reflection on the relationship between nature and human beings. This exhibition covers landscape, animal and other series of works. The artist reflects his perception of nature in life and travel, as well as the magnetic field and gifts of nature to human beings, in the picture, so as to arouse the attention and reflection on the current situation of abrupt changes in global climate and frequent natural disasters.



自然烙印,2018,W150 cm x H200 cm x 4cm,spray paint and acrylic on canvas




Among them, the works of natural gravity series are created with the inner clues of gravity. On earth, gravity is invisible to the naked eye, but it affects every aspect of human life. In the picture, the fall, extension and flow of the paint symbolize gravity, while the paint poured from bottom to top symbolizes the liberation from the bondage of natural gravity. In artists' mind, easel painting is like universal gravitation. Maybe one day, people can break through the obstacles and get away from the universal gravitation, namely, easel painting, and a kind of weightlessness painting mode will appear.


自然重力01-山水,2020,W249 x H149cm,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas




The Natural Gravity series was created during the global outbreak in 2020.In this period of social and life stagnation, artists once again reflected on the relationship between man and nature. Global temperature rise, natural environment deterioration and other drastic changes are the warning of nature to human beings. Nature has penetrated into every corner of the earth with its powerful force. But mankind turned a blind eye and continued to exploit it endlessly. Through the series of natural gravity, the artist hopes to express the contradiction and conflict between man and nature with the collision and explosion of pigments, and convey the idea of reverence for nature.





As a traditional cultural symbol of China, the dragon is an animal assembly conceived by ancient Chinese. The dragon has eagle claws, antlers and snake body, which is the integration and embodiment of nature. Through the description of the dragon, the artist casts the invisible and qi position of nature into the curve and turning point of the dragon body,to awaken people's love for nature.


刺穿束缚 中国龍 01号,2020,W90cm x H60m x 5cm,Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas


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