香港 · 苏富比艺术空间 · 趣雅东方 / Sotheby Gallery · Hongkong· EYE/EAST

Dates: 22 May 2020

Location: Fifth Floor, Pacific Place 1, 88 Queensway, Hongkong





On May 22, 2020, Yingjie's work “Breaking - Loong Series 02” was auctioned at Sotheby Gallery in Hong Kong. The theme of this auction is "EYE/EAST", which is intended to express the idea that "Oriental art not only has a long tradition, but also has elegant and excellent modern taste.".


刺穿束缚-中国龍02,2020,W140 × H80cm,acrylic on canvas 





“Breaking - Loong Series” was inspired by the martial arts philosophy of Bruce Lee. Through different painting materials, such as spray paint, gold foil and acrylic, the artist explores the combination of traditional Chinese ink painting and western street art graffiti and try to build a conflict-free state in these two seemingly contradictory painting languages. 2020 is a magic year, loong is breaking through the shackles of world culture with an invisible form.



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