伦敦 · 《Underground 2016》 · 群展 / “Underground 2016” · Group Exhibition · London

Dates: 29 Sep 2016 - 4 Oct 2016
Location: London





2016年9月,由英国Graffiti Street举办的《Underground 2016》群展上一共展出了英杰7件作品,包括6件纸本水墨作品和一件在当地完成的画布作品《Uncage》。他试图通过这作品唤醒公众对老虎的情感。雪中漫步的黄金老虎眼睛正视前方,身体从画布左右两端延伸至墙壁,颜料的飞溅像被击碎的石头。每个人内心都藏着一只老虎,是时候审视自己的生活,打破一成不变的规则,击破冲围。重新释放生命的力量和智慧。



In September 2016, 7 works of Yingjie were exhibited in "Underground 2016" group exhibition organized by Graffiti Street UK, including 6 ink works on paper and one canvas work "Uncage" completed locally. He tried to arouse public's emotion towards the tiger through this work. The eyes of the golden tiger walking in the snow is staring straight ahead. Its body extends from the left and right ends of the canvas to the wall. Yingjie think there is a tiger in everyone’s heart. It's time to introspect our life, break the rules and release the power and wisdom of lives.



展览现场/Exhibition Area.  Uncage ,2016,W285 x H195 cm ,Acrylic and spray painting on canvas



(局部)Uncage ,2016,W285 x H195 cm ,Acrylic and spray painting on canvas



(局部)Uncage ,2016,W285 x H195 cm ,Acrylic and spray painting on canvas



创作过程/Creative Process

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