悉尼 · 《Wondermountain》 · 群展 / “Wondermountain“ · Group Exhibition · Sydney

Dates: 1 Mar 2014 - 25 May 2014

Location: 86 River Road Emu Plains NSW 2750, Sydney









In March 2014, at the invitation of Penrith Regional Gallery, Yingjie participated in Wondermountain Exhibition and presented a live art performance in the Gallery Gardens.Wondermountain revisited the unreal mountainscapes of traditional Chinese landscape painting, or shanshuihua, through the work of thirteen contemporary artists based across Sydney and China. It took Yingjie 3 days to create this work in Penrith Regional Gallery. The gallery was located in mountains, and the local special scenery inspired his new ideas of landscape creating. He tried to explore the relation between painting and music through the changes of colors and lines. Both painting and music have the same characteristic to express beyond language. The musical charm of painting lies in the colors in eyes and the sound in ears.



展览现场/Exhibition Area.   五色音阶Colorful Scale ,2014,Spray paint on wall



创作过程/Creative Process



展览现场/Exhibition Area


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