芝加哥 · 《文化符号:舞狮》 · 个展 / “Lion Dance - Cultural Symbols” · Solo Exhibition · Chicago

Dates: 12 Apr 2019 - 11 May 2019

Location: 211 West 23rd Street the Art Gallery, Chicago








From April 12 to May 11 2019, Yingjie held his solo exhibition “Lion Dance - Cultural Symbols” at Asian Contemporary Arts in Chicago. Back to 2015, he had painted mural about animals in this city. It means a lot for him to come back here again. At the opening ceremony, he shared the story behind lion dance with art lovers in Chicago, “Lion dance is not only a traditional Chinese culture, but also a specialty in my hometown. When I was a child, there would be lion dances in every festival, but now it is less and less. In my opinion, lion dance is one of the most representative elements of China. So I want to present it with a new way through my creation, carry forward this disappearing traditional culture and make it an international culture symbol."


展览现场/Exhibition Area



Gold Tiger,2018,W40.64 x H30.48 cm,Acrylic on paper


再造乾坤 - 第三号,2019,W450 x H350 cm,Acrylic on canvas


(左图)历史烙印,2019,W101 x H120 cm,Acrylic on canvas    (右图)世界文化战争/舞动狮王,2018,W150 x H200 cm,Acrylic on canvas



世界地图TIGER,2018,W200 x H150 cm,Acrylic on canvas



再造乾坤 - 第六号,2019,W80 x H120 cm,Acrylic on canvas


Sketch Tiger,2017,W39 x H29 cm,Ink and acrylic on paper



展览现场/Exhibition Area

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