台北 · 东区画廊 · 数字展 / Dong Gallery · Taipei · Digital Exhibition

Dates: 21 Jan 2020 -31 Mar 2020

Location: 284 Chung-hsiao Road. 3, next to SOGO plaza, Taipei.





In early 2020, as Chinese New Year approached, Yingjie cooperated with Dong Gallery Taipei. Dong Gallery Taipei is located in 284 chung-hsiao road. 3, next to SOGO plaza. It is the first digital 90-meter gallery in Taipei. This time, the "Loong in Clouds" series created by him in 2019 and some Chinese landscape paintings were exhibited. The exhibition lasted for more than two months. 




With the technical support of Dong Gallery Taipei, Yingjie's works were not plane and static any more and were presented in a dynamic form. In addition to sending his greetings to Taiwan compatriots in this special way, he also hoped to better express his creative ideas through this new form. The idea of "Loong in Clouds" is "Flying in an intangible state, looking like visible water first, and then like invisible gas". Just like the idea, he has been holding this kind of optional attitude in his creation. Art is not fixed, but should constantly burst into new inspiration with the experience of life. Combining with the image of Loong will also help him better express himself. 




As for the Chinese landscape paintings, Yingjie wants to change people's impression of traditional Chinese landscape painting through graffiti. In his opinion, traditional Chinese landscape painting and western graffiti seem to contradict each other, but actually they have much in common. Presenting traditional Chinese culture in a modern way is conducive to refreshing it and promoting it.




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