巴黎 · 第五届ASIA NOW亚洲艺术博览会 / The Fifth ASIA NOW Asian Art Fair · Paris

Dates: 16 - 20 October 2019

Location: 9 Avenue Hoche,Paris




2019年10月16日-20日,第五届ASIA NOW巴黎亚洲艺术博览会在巴黎第八区赫哲第九大道举办。展会致力于呈现亚洲当代艺术创作的广度,探索并突破当代艺术边界,使欧洲观众了解亚洲当代艺术现状以及未来的发展趋势。 英杰收到唐妮诗画廊的邀请代表画廊参加本次展览。活动现场,他先是在展位墙面上用喷漆创作了一幅山水画,将展区改造成了一件“艺术作品”,随后又在八块100cm×100cm的大型画布上,同时运用多种技术进行创作。



From October 16 to 20, 2019, the fifth ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair was held at 9th Avenue Hoche in the eighth arrondissement. The exhibition is dedicated to showcasing the breadth of Asian contemporary art, exploring and breaking through the boundaries of contemporary art to present European audiences with a better scene of current Asian contemporary art and its development trend. Yingjie received an invitation from Danysz Gallery to participate in the exhibition.At the event, he first transformed the Gallery booth into a piece of “work” through wall painting. And then he created on eight huge 100 cm × 100 cm canvases, using a variety of techniques. photo by Charlesroussel.



Natural Energy in the Deep II,2019,W400 x H200 m(1 x 1 m x 8 piece),mixed media on canvas, photo by Charlesroussel.



Photo by Raphael.





Finally, Chen Yingjie extended the picture from the canvas to the wall of the exhibition booth. The two works were done without stopping and made each other look better. Chan had shown a world of art through his work. He has always wanted to combine Chinese ink painting with western street art, so as this time. By mixing urban culture, aerosol spray with the Chinese traditional painting, he aimed to convey the essence of Chinese painting and redefine the expression of Chinese painting. 



Natural Energy in the Deep I,2019,mixed media on wall,photo by Raphael.



Photo by Raphael.



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