TANK ART油罐玩家艺术节 · 上海 / TANK ART Festival · Shanghai

Dates: 12 Sep 2019 - 15 Sep 2019

Location: 2380 LongTeng Ave Xuhui District, Shanghai






In September 2019, the first Tank Art Festival was held in TANK Shanghai. The festival includes contemporary art exhibitions, book fairs, bazaars, food, music, pop culture and so on. It brought together top players from all fields. Yingjie was also invited to exhibit works such as "Drunk Tiger" at this festival. In his opinion, exhibiting the work in an open space was helpful for viewers to appreciate the work from different distances and resonate with the work.



展览现场/Exhibition Area



醉虎图 ,2019,W469 x H262 cm ,Acrylic on canvas



(局部)醉虎图 ,2019,W469 x H262 cm ,Acrylic on canvas





It took Chan Yingjie about one month to finish the "Drunk Tiger". In the beginning, he was in a chaotic and dissociative state, as time went on, he became determined. He said it just like an adventure full of uncertainty. The tiger is like a drunken boxer who punches optionally but with real power.



展览现场/Exhibition Area



鹰击长空 ,2015,W109.5 x H78.8 cm ,Ink on paper



雪破虎 ,2019,W94.5 x H133.2 cm ,Acrylic on canvas



夜明珠 ,2016,W79 x H110.5 cm ,Ink on paper



雨系列04 ,2019,W150 x H347 cm ,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas



展览现场/Exhibition Area

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