新加坡 · 《Art From The Streets》 · 群展 / “Art From The Streets” · Group Exhibition · Singapore

Dates: 11 Jan 2018
Location: ArtScinence Museum,Singapore

展览现场/Exhibition Area.    一脉 ,2016,W547 x H304 cm ,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas




2018世界街画艺术展是世界各国最具代表性的街头艺术家们首次在东南亚展示他们的作品,由街头艺术专家及作家马格达·丹尼斯(Magda Danysz)为新加坡金沙艺术科学博物馆策划,旨在探索街头艺术运动的反文化起源及其作为当代艺术形式的非凡演变。这个展览汇集了来自街头艺术运动中一些最著名的大型壁画,装置艺术,录像,素描和档案资料,讲述了街头艺术四十年来的发展历程。此次,艺术展为表现街头艺术运动的活力和多样性,展出了当代街头艺术中一些著名画家的新作品。



2018 Art from the Streets is the world’s most iconic street artists presented their provocative works together for the first time in Southeast Asia. Curated for Art Science Museum by Street Art expert and writer Magda Danysz, Art from the Streets explores the movement’s countercultural beginnings and its extraordinary evolution as a contemporary artform.  Spanning more than 40 years this exhibition brings together large-scale mural paintings, installations, videos, sketches and archival material from some of the most iconic names in the Street Art movement. To illustrate the vitality and diversity of the movement, new works by some of the leading names in contemporary Street Art had been commissioned.



 一脉 ,2016,W547 x H304 cm ,Acrylic and spray paint on canvas





Introduction of work: 

Yingjie tried to reiterate the practice of Chinese painting by a calligraphy-style way through spraying. Overturning the medium of traditional ink painting, expanding the size of work, and challenging the limits of body to create those violent and aesthetic work. This is a painting art which needs body language. In this way, it explores the combination of Chinese traditional ink painting and Western street art graffiti, and strives to find a balance between two contradictory and antagonistic culture. In his opinion, Chinese traditional ink painting is seemingly contradictory with Western street art graffiti, but once they combine with each other, they will show harmonious beauty of the work.



展览现场/Exhibition Area

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