上海 · 宝马《艺术品鉴会陈英杰作品展 》 · 个展 / “Art Appreciation Featuring Artist Chen Yingjie” · Solo Exhibition · BMW · Shanghai

Dates: 25 Aug 2016
Location: BMW Brand Experience Center 35, XueYe Road, Near ShangNan Road, Shanghai







Invited by BMW in 2016, Yingjie held Art Appreciation solo exhibition in BMW Brand Experience Center in Shanghai. Eight works was exhibitied in total, including 7 works about wild animals which were transported from his studio to Shanghai and a large canvas works “Dust and Future” specially created for BMW. The works of this exhibition based on industry and nature. Inspired by the development of BMW, he painted “Dust and Future”. The mountains which created by different size of brush left a historical trace on the canvas, just like the clock pointer. With the continuous transformation of canvas, his way of creating was also changing. The visual center of the work gradually formed the best balance point. He thinks the development of industry will be like this kind of painting behavior and we need to find the best balance point and break point in different environment.



醉虎图 ,2015,W469 x H262 cm ,Acrylic on canvas



展览现场/Exhibition Area



(局部)醉虎图 ,2015,W469 x H262 cm ,Acrylic on canvas



The development of the automobile industry cannot be achieved without the balance between humans and nature and humans’ respect for nature.



展览现场/Exhibition Area


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